Monument dedicated to the operators of a 88mm cannon, part of 7AA regiment, 86th battery, who died on the 1st of August 1943 in Corlatesti village, near Ploiesti. The battery’s cannons were placed between the border of Berceni village and the Ghighiu Monastery. A unique circumstance made a B-24 plane, named Old Baldy, crash on top of this cannon. The plane was flown by John J. Dore and had just bombed the Astra Romana refinery. The operators of the 88mm cannon, under the command of captain Istrate Corneliu, commander of the 86th battery, saw the bombarder approaching at low altitude in their direction; they opened fire from a small distance after programming the projectile to explode at a distance of 500m. The crew of the B-24 plane saw the ground-to-air battery at the last moment and tried to open fire on it with the on-board machine guns. At the same time, the battery’s commander ordered fire. The projectile smashed through the front part of the plane and exploded on the inside. The plane continued flying for a few hundred meters and then it fell on the ground-to-air battery’s position, killing all the operators of the 88mm cannon that shot at it. Also, the entire crew of the B-24 Old Baldy bomber died on the spot. The bomber’s crew was composed of: Pilot Lt. John F. Dore, Second Copilot Lieutenent John B. Stallings, Second Navigator Locotenent Frank Worthington, bomber Joseph Finneran, Sgt. Max Lower, machine-gunners Sgt. Ray Gleason, Joseph Iosco, Jones Wesley, Frank Norris and Stanley Packe. The 88mm cannon operators were: charger soldier G. Bala, shooter soldier first class Ion Garlan, soldiers Alexandru Partica, Constantin Disdedea, Tudor Ghiaur, Paun Ozel.