During the Second World War, oil had a crucial function. All parties involved in conflict did their best to ensure access to this essential resource for the unfolding of modern warfare. In this context, Romania and especially the Ploiesti-Prahova area had a significant role in conflict, a role that all parties involved equally acknowledged.

Although aerial military operations in Romania are not as well-known as those that took place in Germany, they were no less important. Fierce aerial combat was carried out over the Romania territory, both warring factions proving heroism and resilience in accomplishing their missions. We have constituted an association in order to present the history of these confrontations, to speak about the pilots involved and their actions.

The members of our association wish to build a memorial dedicated to aviators that fought on the Romanian territory during the Second World War, as well as to promote the history of Romanian aviation in the country and abroad, to study the history of Ploiesti and of Prahova County, and to present the history of aerial combat over the territory of Romania